Bollywood Indian Celebs who Love to wear Crystals

Bollywood Indian Celebs who Love to wear Crystals

Crystals have been our best friends since decades, providing solutions to most of the common problems we face on a day to day basis. These celebrities have been smart about their crystal selection to top their career charts. Come lets have at look at each of them!Ā 

Shilpa shetty carnelian crystal bracelet

Citrine Crystal BraceletĀ 

Shilpa Shetty (Shop Your Crystal bracelet here)

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty wearsĀ #citrineĀ andĀ #carnelianĀ crystal bracelets āœ…
šŸ¦‹Citrine for success & wealth
šŸ¦‹Carnelian for motivation and leadership to be a successful business woman

Kareen Kapoor crystal bracelet

Kareena KapoorĀ (Shop Your Crystal braceletĀ here)

Why Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan wears Howlite Crystal Bracelet?šŸ˜
Because apart from keeping one calm Howlite can also helps memorise fast (good for students) beneficial for actors to memorise their entire movie script šŸ¤—āœØ

Vidhya Balan Crystal bracelet

Vidhya BalanĀ (Shop Your Crystal braceletĀ here)

Bollywood actress Vidhya Balan wears Garnet Crystal Bracelet. But do you know why? āœØšŸ§It is simpleā€¦ because Garnet is the manifestation Crystal of SUCCESS. Garnet also keeps you on alert mode so you're efficient throughout your working hours. Gosh no wonder she's such a good actress!

Jhanvi kapoor boyfriend Akshat Rajan in crystal bracelet

Akshat RajanĀ (Shop Your Crystal braceletĀ here)

B-town's Akshat Rajan who is Jhanvi Kapoor's rumoured boyfriend wears the Malachite, Tigers Eye, Carnelian and Shungite Crystal. Being fromĀ Mumbai's most well-known business family, one would surely prefer crystals that strengthenĀ the root chakras, keep you strong, confident, awaken leadership qualities and keeps you good at making business decisions. These crystals are all about achieving those superb qualities!

Ekta Kapoor crystal bracelet

Ekta KapoorĀ (Shop Your Crystal braceletĀ here)

And who can forget Ekta Kapoor who keeps producing hit Indian TV soap operas one after another!
Ekta Kapoor is a bright entrepreneurĀ and she loves wearing her Tiger's Eye bracelet because it helps you evaluate pros & cons so you can make the right decision. It also wards off negative energies and strengthens the base chakras which gives you a lot of emotional strength. The tigers eye is also good to maintain stability in life which is essential for entrepreneurs šŸ’–

Ā Lilly Singh crystals

Ā Lilly SinghĀ (Shop Your Crystal braceletĀ here)

šŸ˜Ever wondered why Lilly Singh is such a HUGE blast of inspiration today!? You guessed it RIGHT, the affirmation crystals help you manifest your deepest desires and help you convert them into reality.

Milind Soman crystal bracelets yoga

Milind SomanĀ (Shop Your Crystal braceletĀ here)

Bollywood's favourite Milind Soman wearing Amazonite and Sodalite Crystal Bracelets. Perfect to maintain the calm and creatives sense. Improves communication that is best for work life and balances the energies of the soul.

Sara ali khan crystal bracelet

Sara Ali KhanĀ (Shop Your Crystal braceletĀ here)

Why does Sara Ali Khan wear an Indian Amazonite crystal bracelet? šŸ˜
Because it is amazing to raise your divine feminine qualities. It helps you appreciate your true beauty, skills and talents. It calms you down and helps you focus on your tasks - which is good to help Sara memorise her scripts and enact them out well. It helps you control the natural flow of energy within your physical body which helps actors like Sara dance and express well.

Preity Zinta crystal bracelet

Preity ZintaĀ (Shop Your Crystal braceletĀ here)

Why does Preity Zinta wear the Tigers Eye and Garnet Crystal bracelet?
Good for entrepreneurship since she heads the IPL team Punjab Kings. Strength, motivation and good for leadership. Helps one be curious about the pros and cons so they make the right business decisions.

Ā Karishma Kapoor crystal bracelet

Karishma KapoorĀ (Shop Your Crystal braceletĀ here)

Why does Karishma Kapoor wear Garnet Crystal Bracelet? šŸ˜ The garnet crystal revitalises, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate. Inspires love and devotion. Garnet balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. It activates and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope.

Ā Seema Khan crystal bracelet

Seema KhanĀ (Shop Your Crystal braceletĀ here)

Who knew Fabulous Life's of Bollywood Wive's - actress Seema Khan's secret of Fabulousness was the Tiger's Eye Crystal Bracelet. Not US?! šŸ¤·šŸ’Æ
The Tiger's Eye crystal bracelet is a great select to inspire strength, motivation and leadership skills in your present self.Ā 

Ankita Konwar crystal bracelet

Ankita KonwarĀ (Shop Your Crystal BraceletĀ here)

Milind Soman's wife Ankita Konwar wearing Citrine, Pyrite and Jade crystal bracelets. šŸ˜šŸ’– Citrine and pyrite are well known for prosperity and Jade is great to heal the heart chakra šŸ¦šĀ 


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