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Clear Quartz Crystal Rock Unisex Ring

Clear Quartz Crystal Rock Unisex Ring

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Clear Quartz is the prime definition of clarity. Defined by its calming aesthetic and divine presence your space is sure to breath more happiness and efficiency. This Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Rock Cluster Healing Ring is up for grabs!




What is Raw Clear Quartz Crystal Good for? Healing Powers and Properties, Benefits and Meaning:
- Highly effective in enhancing clarity and presence of mind.

- Increases your focus and promotes positive thinking in the space that it is placed in.

- Stabilises the energy of your surrounding that will reduce fights and unnecessary quarrel.

Where should the Raw Clear Quartz Crystal be placed and how to use it?

- Clear Quartz Crystal is said to be a great one for your house Vastu. Simply place at the entrance of your house, so it may cleanse the energies that your guests bring in and save you from their bad or harmful intentions (if they have any).

- At your office entrance, so it may bring good energy into all your business deals when your clients arrive.

- It can also be placed in the north side of your house so that it cleanses the energies that enter your space (for families that are facing problems with each other and not able to co-exist).

- Can be placed in the centre of your healing grid to enhance and cleanse the energy of the rest of the crystals.

- In your temple in front of your god or in your meditation room.

Which chakra is Clear Quartz Crystal For?

The clear quartz crystal is said to be associated primarily with the crown chakra since it is meant to enhance focus, clarity and decision making. And secondarily with the rest of the chakras as it performs in-depth cleansing and energising on them, said to be the other aspects of life.

Which Crystals bring good luck into life, job and business?

Natural Raw Clear Quartz Crystal is said to bring divine good luck into your life, job and business as it is believed to be the most powerful crystal and a deep cleanser. It can eliminate the toughest negative spirits and energy from your house space and send it off to the ball of white light (as believed by theta healing).

How to cleanse Raw Clear Quartz Crystal ?

One must simply Immerse this beautiful crystal/ mineral in clean or charged water and leave it for 20 mins under sunlight. It will absorb the divine grace of the sun and power UP you and your space with vibrant energy and joy!



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Care Instructions

- Clean with dry sponge or cotton by simply dabbing over it with light pressure.
- Store carefully in plastic box after use.
- While travelling when you pack your jewellery, make sure nothing heavy weighs over it.

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