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Rose Quartz Crystal Hand Painted Ganpati Pink for work desk and car

Rose Quartz Crystal Hand Painted Ganpati Pink for work desk and car

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The Pink Rose Quartz Crystal Ganesh has the divine & auspicious presence of Lord Ganesh along with Rose Quartz's gentle and loving energy. This beautiful hand painted crystal carving promotes unconditional love, self-acceptance and emotional healing for people who are facing depression, insomnia, exam stress or job failures. Ganesh has COME TO YOUR RESCUE!


Ganesh (also known as Ganesha or Ganpati) is known as the god of success, prosperity, good luck, wisdom, intellect and remover of obstacles. Hence his powerful energy is good to support any new beginnings in life.

Place Lord Ganesha's idol or statue in the north, north-east, or west direction to purify the energy of your house and reduce tension.

He offers protection and cleanses your space, hence this Rose Quartz Crystal Ganesh is great to place on your work desk, bedside table or temple.

Invites good luck and makes you successful!

This unique crystal carving serves as a reminder to approach life's challenges with love, compassion, and a strong determination to overcome obstacles. It is believed to enhance emotional healing, dissolve negativity, and foster inner peace and harmony.

The Rose Quartz Crystal Ganesh can be used during meditation and energy healing practices. Its presence is believed to invoke the energies of both rose quartz and Ganesh, creating a sacred space for love, protection, and spiritual growth.


Place on your work desk if you're facing any issues at your workplace or with your boss. This will help resolve all issues and face pending challenges with ease.

Place at your study table if you're having problems focusing while studying for your exams. Great for medical and IAS students.

Place by your bedside if you're unable to sleep at night (insomnia) or you're getting bad dreams. The power of lord Ganesh will help you sleep deeply and will assist you during your meditations.

Place in new car for protection and good luck, so he may help you drive towards success and alot more happy experiences.

Great Gifting Crystal for family, friends and spouse who are beginning new job or starting a new business.


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