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Red Jasper Crystal Reiki Symbol Set

Red Jasper Crystal Reiki Symbol Set

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The Red Jasper Crystal Reiki Symbol Set includes 4 reiki master symbols: Cho Ku Rei, Sei he ki, Hon sha ze sho nen and Dai ko myo. Read below to know more about their uses.

🌷Cho Ku Rei Uses
Cho ku rei is most commonly used at the start of a Reiki session as a way to help boost Reiki power.

✅One excellent way to use cho ku rei is when you're working to heal an injury.
✅Place the Cho Ku Rei crystal in a room that needs to be cleansed of negative energy
✅Place in your bag before a meet to help strengthen your relationships with humans
✅Place on your work desk for innovative ideas and to grow your business

🌷Sei he ki Uses
For purification and mental and emotional balance, turn to sei he ki, the harmony symbol. The general meaning of sei he ki is "God and man become one," It can also aid in balancing the right and left sides of the brain.

✅Place on study desk to memorize new information, ace a test, or improve your memory in general
✅Additionally, it helps if you're struggling to kick a bad habit like drinking, smoking, or overeating.
✅Helps heal headaches, mental and emotional instability, and helps balance the mind.

🌷Hon sha ze sho nen Uses
The meaning of hon sha ze sho nen is "having no present, past, or future," and it's used to send Reiki energy across time and space. For example, although hon sha ze sho nen can't change the past, it can help heal old wounds by reframing the experience and turning it into a learning experience.

✅Place under your pillow for day-to-day basis in order to effectively encourage past and future healing in the body.

🌷Dai ko myo Uses
This symbol is a nourishing and enlightening one, and it is the most sacred Reiki symbol. It also has the highest vibration, and it has the most transformative power of all five of the Reiki symbols. The healing powers of dai ko myo are all-encompassing, healing the upper chakras, the aura, and the soul as a whole.
Source : Leigh Weingus

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Care Instructions

- Clean with dry sponge or cotton by simply dabbing over it with light pressure.
- Store carefully in plastic box after use.
- While travelling when you pack your jewellery, make sure nothing heavy weighs over it.

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